Read the latest issue of The Roundabout online or download your own copy now. News of whats been happening in Maryburgh over the last 3 months and find out what is planned between now and September.

Link to The Roundabout Issue 129

The Roundabout Issue 129

The Roundabout 129 – June to Sept 2020

(The social distancing and lockdown edition!)
  1. Out and about before the lockdown!
    • A Prosecco afternoon at Buncrew House!
    • Indoor bowling at the Conon Bowling Club
    • “Wish i’d brought a doggie bag!”
  1. 200 Club Winners
  2. Welcome to the world
  3. Thank you!
    • To owners and staff at Maryburgh shop and all the community volunteers
  1. Maryburgh Pipers
  2. The new planters above the sports pitch
  3. Maryburgh Free Church
  4. What’s on when the lock down and social distancing are over
  5. Wash Your Hands of Corona Virus Scams
  6. Just for fun!
    • Roald Dahl Quiz
    • Quick kid’s quiz
  1. And so it begun … S.T.’s Social Distancing Diary excerpts
  2. Finally 3 pages for all our sponsors