Thank You for your help

The Maryburgh Community Woodland Group have now assessed all the responses from the community regarding the Woodland questionnaire. The Woodland Group would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete either the paper or online form. This help will allow us to develop a management plan for the woodland, which we will be working on over the next few months.

The Results

All the questionnaires returned were fed into a database and then the tick box questions 1, 2 and 4 were extracted into a spreadsheet for analysis. Questions 3 and 5 were analysed and uploaded to a Word Cloud to summarise the results.

A total of 48 questionnaires were completed. Paper copies of the questionnaire were distributed around the village and 28 of those were returned. One copy was downloaded from the website and filled in. The other 19 forms were filled in online. The final results are shown below:

Woodland Questions one and two

QuestionsEvery DayEvery WeekRarelyNever
How often do people use the woods142561
How many people walk their dog101100
Pie Chart showing how often people use the woodland

Pie Chart of question 1

Pie Chart showing how many are dog walkers

Pie Chart of question 2

Question three – What do you value in the woodland?

All the individual items that people value were summarised with the following words. The larger the word is in the following Word Cloud the more times it was mentioned by people.

Word Cloud using text with different sizes and colours to indicate values that are important to the community

Word Cloud showing values important to community

Question Four

a) Make the woodland safe461
b) Make the woodland accessible461
c) Protect and enhance the biodiversity470
Bar Chart showing responses of question 4

Bar Chart of question 4

Question five – Do you have any suggestion which could enhance the community use of the woodland?

All the suggestions were summarised with the following words. The more people that mentioned an item means that particular item is displayed larger in the Word Cloud.

Word Cloud using text with different sizes and colours to indicate suggestions made by community

Word Cloud Community Suggestions for woodland