ATTENDING:    Ian Fraser (Chair), Bill Mackenzie, Jamie Dunsmore, Jane Menzies (Treasurer), Tommy Menzies (Vice Chair), Jenny Maclennan, Rhiannon Elder, (Minute Secretary Morley Meinertz) Nick Thornton (Amenities Committee Rep).

  1. WELCOME: The Chairman welcomed those present
  2. Apologies: There were no apologies. The Chair announced the resignation of Alastair MacNab
  3. Minutes of the last meeting held on 21st JANUARY 2015           

Corrections to Draft Minutes

  • Item 7 Action point should read Jane
  • Item 9 Sentence 4 deleted
  • Item 17 1st paragraph deleted.

Minutes ratified with above changes and signed by the Chairman and seconded by Jamie Dunsmor.

  1. Matters arising from the meeting of 21st January 2015
    • Item 4iv)    MacKenzie Kerr – this matter had been superseded
    • Item 5)      Rhiannon Elder was welcomed as the new Community Council member
    • Item 6)      Press Officer – This was advertised on the website with no response. It has not yet been advertised in the Roundabout but Jenny agreed to do this.   ACTION: Jenny
    • Item 7i)     Submission to Companies House (18th March 2015) – The accounts had been finalised. After meeting with the accountants, Ian had signed on behalf of MAC Ltd. and posted the submission to be lodged with Companies House in time for the deadline.
    • Item 7ii)     OSCR – Ian had contacted the Charities Regulator. They agreed to accept the accounts made up to February 2014 and to pick up from there when the June accounts are complete. The password enabling this to be done online was not available as the paperwork was not to hand and attempts to reset it had, as yet, been unsuccessful. He was trying to deal with changing our charitable status. Until the lease is transferred from MAA to MAC Ltd. we cannot register as a Charity, a situation which has been ongoing on since 2012. He had also been unable to arrange a meeting with the Solicitors although this was finally set for tomorrow 19th March. It was agreed that the situation must be resolved without further delay; we need to know where the problem lies in order to rectify it. He has advised both the Charities and Accountants that this is being dealt with. Accounts are due in June and we need to register the company as a charity by then.
    • Item 8)      Small Lotteries Licence – Ian has completed the paperwork for the submission and requires a cheque. The application also needs to be signed by two members and the promoter (previously Nick). If Nick decides not to continue in this role, we need someone else to take over.
    • Item 9)      Futures Group Report – This will be discussed under item 6 on the agenda.
    • Item 10)     Amenities Committee Report – At the last meeting, it was requested that a member of the Committee come on board as a Representative as had been the case in the past, However, no response was received nor had any report been presented. It was agreed that some form of communication was required.
    • Item 11)     Youth Group Involvement in Community Hub Project – This item will be updated under Item 10 on the agenda.
    • Item 12)     Village Hall Business – Jenny still awaits a copy of accounts, recent bank statements and Constitution. This has been referred to Jean Graham and when the information is to hand with the required signatures, Ian will scan it digitally and distribute. Final audited reports will be put on drop box too.  ACTION: Ian and Jenny
    • Item 13)     Bouncy Castle – Ian had relayed our concerns but there has, as yet, been no response.
    • Item 16)     Charges Exemption scheme – Ian had investigated our situation on the website. They appeared to require a code or reference number (relating to Water charges) which we do not have as we have never received a bill. Nick had indicated that this is a legacy from when ‘Halls’ were exempt and it was never queried.
    • In respect of Commercial Recycling – while we do not pay for this, we need a ‘Waste Transfer’ note. A sticker indicating that the bins can be collected had been received, so this should not be a problem.
    • Item 17b)   Insurance – Nick had produced information on the Highland Council Community Scheme indicating a bill will be forthcoming for £831.97 (reduced rate) and Ian copied this onto the Drop Box. The question of whether it could be paid by Direct Debit was raised and Jamie agreed to look into this.  ACTION: Jamie
    • February bank statements had been received and these were now complete. Ian has a draft copy of accounts which has been checked independently. The contact has been sent to Jane and she will liaise with Keith Ross.
    • Jenny had sent a copy of the submission to everyone. The Lottery Pre-advice Service were unable to look in detail at everything submitted but indicated a few weak areas in the application. The requirement to prove need as opposed to want was not fully demonstrated – we were focussing on wish rather than need. Ian, Eilidh and Jenny to target the current and previous users of the hall to get letters of support for future use and to show what we have lost with the deterioration of the hall. Option appraisals also not fully explored and more work needs to be done in this area. Closing applications should be in by June and a new scheme starts in December. We must tighten up our application as this is the last chance and there will be very stiff competition for funding.   ACTION: Ian, Eilidh and Jenny
    • The possibility of asking for ‘Development Funding’ only was discussed. Di Agnew at HC has requested monthly updates. The extension for production of the business plan this year is under the proviso that we receive a positive response from the Lottery to our Stage 1 application.
    • Nick had hoped to involve the community more in the Committee but the last meeting was poorly attended and it was decided to put something on the Website to attract more members. There was to be a meeting about this year‘s Gala next week and again, it was stressed that more residents need to get involved. A Craft Fair held in Dingwall Academy recently, partly organised by the children, had been a success and it was felt that something similar could be done here to attract attention to the community and raise funds.

(Nick Thornton arrived just before 8:00pm to report on the Amenities Committee. Due to an oversight by Ian Fraser, Nick had not been informed of the change in the time of the meeting).

    • Ian reported having been in touch with the Football Club with regard to their usage of the facilities. As yet, he has had no response. They are to put something on paper for us. Applying for funding is very competitive and we need feedback from all previous users – Bowling Club, WRI, Lunch Club. The question as to whether we are aiming in right direction was discussed and the possibility of applying for Development Funds? We have not said why the current proposal is the best option and we still have not heard from HRI, although this is not critical. We can still put in a Stage 1 application based on what we have. The Asset Board have given an extension to August 15th and an invitation to submit a Stage 2 application because we have not hit the target. They are expecting positive feedback from the Lottery.
  2. INCIDENT WITH CEILING PANELS – 3rd February 2015.
    • There had been an incident with falling ceiling tiles during Youth Club usage, although no one was hurt and there was no evidence of vandalism. Three panels are Perspex and inspection revealed they were not properly fitted. The rest are suspended and those who inspected the damage were satisfied there is no danger. Rhiannon Elder was in agreement with our proposals and so hopeful the Club will feel happy to return next week. There will be no repercussions from the incident although the ceiling will require repair – 24 tiles need replacing (~£130), some grid pieces and various connections (~£20-50 per section). There was a discussion as to whether we ask for a quote for Rockwell while we are doing this and a decision was made to obtain a price and decide at a later date. This could be done professionally or by volunteers.
  3. MEETING WITH DONALD STUART (MFC) 18th February 2015.
    • Ian reported on his meeting with Donald Stuart who raised several matters of concern. One of these was that emphasis on the Hall would overshadow the football pitch. We explained the need to concentrate on the hall for the main design plan but that drainage in particular and lighting around the pitch, were being considered a priority. They suggested fencing off the main pitch because of sledging in the winter and racing cars on the ground. We highlighted the objections there might be to these proposals from various points of view but on the positive side, said we needed their support and they agreed to put this in writing. It was felt important to keep the Club on our side. This was a new development for use by all and the idea was to improve whole area. A figure of £15,000 had been suggested for a football pitch but some time ago that figure was raised £75,000. It was pointed out however, that when approaching funding bodies we need to go with the Architect’s figures – £15,000 will undoubtedly increase but not to £75,000. It was thought this need not go into the Stage 1 application but that funding could be sourced elsewhere.
    • Ian reported that the group want somewhere to skate and had made suggestions as to where a concrete area to facilitate this, could be sited. She advised that there are mobile skate parks and the group would be happy with this. These can be permanently fixed or temporary and a decision would require to be made as to where this should be placed, or stored if necessary. The question of insurance and public liability was raised although Muir of Ord are already doing this and could advise. The youngsters were keen to give some input – perhaps making a film and it was pointed out that a letter would be needed now for end of March. Equipment could be hired to try this out and it may be possible to tie it in with an event to raise funds. Sports Funding does not require to be matched. Rhiannon agreed to look into what funding might be available.  ACTION: Rhiannon
    • We are not in a position to do this within the time scale. We have not joined the second level.
  6. AOCB
    1. Articles of Association – The junior members at each AGM select a junior representative who will be invited to attend meetings, not to vote but to disseminate information. Anna Beaton was asked if she would represent the youth members at meetings and has agreed. Rhiannon said that the parents of the girl appointed had agreed and Ian will send a note to both about the next meeting and her role. On the website you can join as a full member, an associate, or junior member, outwith the community. The form on website does not make the roles absolutely clear.  ACTION: Ian
    2. Roundabout Printing – This continues along the same format although we have not been billed for some time despite several attempts to rectify the situation. We are therefore, wary of committing ourselves to further issues without knowing the costs involved. We had estimated £600 and have had two issues since then (£1200). The question of putting this on-line had been raised but there was little response from residents. It was noted that advertising income does not cover costs. Nick will speak to Muriel and hold fire meantime. Inclusion on the Website was suggested although this was thought not to be ideal. But as an interim process, at £30 for 16 pages (the agreed pro rata.) perhaps a limited run for sale could be tried.
    • The next meeting would be held at 8:00 pm on Wednesday 20th May, 2015 in the Portacabin.