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Tree Planting and Woodland Tidy Up

Planting the trees

Saturday 27 April 2024. The tree planting was successful today. 10 volunteers from the Maryburgh Men’s Shed and the Maryburgh Community Woodland Group arrived at 10:00 am today armed with spades and hammers. After, Megan explained that the new trees had to be planted as required by the Tree Preservation Order and the Highland Council […]

Community Woodland Update

by Maryburgh Community Woodland Group
Profile of woodland from field

Tree felling During Wednesday 8th November and Thursday 9th November a small team from Ross-shire Tree Surgery started work on felling some of the trees. These trees had been identified as at risk of falling during the Tree Safety Survey carried out on the 22nd November 2022. The trees shown identified by blue markers on […]

Maryburgh Tidy Up

Volunteers ready to get involved with Tidy Up

10:00 am on November 4th 2023 saw a gathering of volunteers in Birch Drive, just by the Community Woodland. The group of just under 20 volunteers consisted of members of the Maryburgh Community Woodland Group, members of the Maryburgh Mens Shed as well as other Maryburgh residents. The Community Woodland Group issued everyone taking part […]

Maryburgh Community Woodland – Update

Maryburgh woodland

Dangerous Trees The Maryburgh Community Woodland Group have now arranged with a local Tree Surgeon to have some trees felled shortly. These trees were identified by the Tree Safety Survey carried out in November. The survey identified groups of trees that posed the greatest risk to anyone using the woodland. For safety reasons this group […]

Maryburgh Community Woodland

Maryburgh woodland

 The woodland is an irregularly shaped area of amenity land located between Birch Drive and Dunglass Road within the village. The 3.71ha site has full woodland cover, mainly broadleaves, with a mix of native and non-native species. The site was recently acquired by Maryburgh community and is a popular woodland frequently used by dog […]

Out of Date Email

Hi Everyone Any member of the MAC with a “legacy” email account from mobile and broadband provider Orange (now part of EE) needs to move to an alternative email address as the service has shut down. I have had several e-Bulletins bounced back because they were sent out to one of the following email service […]

Business Plan Final

Maryburgh Amenities Centre Redevelopment  Plan Executive Summary Background and Project Aims Options Appraisal Developing the Amenities Centre Football Pitch and Greenspace Local Needs Analysis Benefits of Development Project Management Project Finance Risk Analysis The Business Plan produced by SKS Scotland is now available to download or read online. To read the full report click on […]