Present:- Board members—Ian Fraser, Jenny Maclennan, Jamie Dunsmore, Administration – Jane Menzies (treasurer)

Apologies; – Tommy Menzies, Bill Mackenzie

  1. The minutes of the last meeting pre AGM were approved Proposed Ian seconded Jenny.
  2. AGM report -TheAGM took place on the 30th October 2014. This was thefirstAGM and was well attended by members of the MAC Ltd and other members of the public and board members.
    • The business of the AGM included the resignation of the Chair of the Board Nick Thornton, who has been closely involved for many years with the MAC and fundraising, Gala etc.  He was thanked at the end of the meeting for all his efforts but will continue to support the MAC Ltd in his role with the Amenities sub-committee.
    • MCC member Traci Payne resigned as an MCC representative to the board.
    • Two new directors were nominated and elected unanimously to the board, Mr T. Menzies, Ussie Mills and Mr W Mackenzie, Ussie Valley Farmhouse. Retiring treasurer Sarah Scholes was thanked for her excellent service over the years and the meeting was very happy to welcome Mrs Jane Menzies who volunteered into the treasurer’s role.
    • The business of the AGM was followed by an excellent and informative presentation of the futures group by Ian Fraser. Plans of the proposed upgraded community facilities were also on display. The role of minute secretary was discussed and it was agreed to appeal for a volunteer from the community.
  3. Election of Chair Ian Fraser was elected as chair, proposed by Jamie Dunsmore & seconded by Jenny Maclennan
  4. Election of Vice-Chair Tommy Menzies was elected, proposed by Jamie Dunsmore & seconded by Jenny Maclennan
  5. Our constitution states for a regular retirement and replacement of board members. This is something that could be considered to be changed at the next AGM. Deferred to next meeting.
  6. Treasurer’s Report and Welcome. Mrs Jane Menzies was welcomed to the meeting and her new role. Unfortunately she has been unable to meet with the retiring treasurer so details of current financial statement are not available at this time. Jane offered to transfer the financial details to Quick Books to enable the board to have an immediate statement of financial standing at any time. This will also help our Company accountants Mackenzie Kerr prepares the accounts for Companies House and OSCR.
  7. Bank Signatories. These will need to be changed once all the financial information is handed over. Last years’ accounts are still to be finalised. Need to check reserve account to see what type it is.
  8. Co-option of new CC member. Rhiannon Elder to be approached to replace Traci Payne as the second cc board member. The constitution allows for up to 2 cc representatives on the board.
  9. Mackenzie Kerr have sent forms for change of directors. Jenny to return to M/Kerr. Nick and Sarah to be contacted re the info required for Mackenzie Kerr.
  10. Mackenzie/Kerr quote for a/cs. Nick has provided a quote of £825 from them to prepare the formal accounts. Jenny to discuss with them when returning the forms.
  11. Website Stats Ask Graeme Mackay for update on website usage/stats.
  12. New minute secretary. An offer has been received from Mrs Morley Meinertz to take on the role. Jenny to contact her and discuss the role. Ask for draft minutes within two weeks to go out with agenda one week before the next meeting.
  13. MFG Update. HRI architects are finalising their report. Their vision was presented at the AGM to general approval. However their assumption was that the old school building should also be used for housing. This does not fit with the company’s aspirations for community businesses to benefit from the facility or the provision of cultural and heritage information for both visitors and locals. The asset board meet in January and a report is to be given to Di to present to them. Our intention to have a contingency plan if major funding falls through has been notified to them.
  14. AOCB
    • Formal promotion of the MAC ltd was discussed and it was suggested we have a membership secretary to increase the numbers of members and a press officer to promote the community group and what we hope to achieve.
    • Ian Fraser to set up Dropbox account to share documents between board members
  15. Date of next Meeting 21st January 2015