In October 1978, Maryburgh Amenities Association appointed a sub-group under the convenorship of Angus Christie to progress the establishment of a village hall facility.

Funds of only £2,000 were in the bank!

In December 1978, a decision was made to proceed with an ambitious plan to provide a facility built of a Modular Structure Design with an indicative cost of £45,000.

Throughout 1979 a lot of work was progressed by way of planning permission, building warrant, grant applications and fundraising.

By the end of 1979 the proposals had been amended and extended with the result that costs increased to £60,000.  Planning Permission had been granted, the lease of the land was secured, contracts awarded and funding established based on:

  • Maryburgh Amenities Association – £9,000
  • Local Government – £15,000
  • Highlands and Islands Development Board – £6,000
  • Scottish Education – £30,000

The project was undertaken on a multi-contract basis and the sub-group acted not only as co-ordinator but organised an unbelievable amount of voluntary effort from within the village.

Site work commenced in March 1980 and by Christmas a partial completion certificate was issued enabling the main hall to be brought into use.

Total completion was achieved by May 1981.

Since 1981, a number of extensions, refurbishments and upgrades have been carried out.

By 1998 failure of the flat roofs over the lower areas of the building had occurred and this along with localised failures in the main roof necessitated a total replacement of all roofs to be undertaken.

It must be remember that the philosophy in 1978 was to provide a facility as an interim measure until Maryburgh got a new community school.

Maryburgh Amenities Centre has served the village well for over 30 years and will no doubt continue to do so for a further 30 years.