Public Meeting held on Wednesday 4th March 2020

During the Community Council meeting held on the 26th February it was decided to hold a public meeting for all interested residents on the following Wednesday. The following are the main points discussed at the public meeting.

Councillor Angela Maclean informed the meeting she had received clarification from the Ward Manager, Di Agnew that Maryburgh Community Council had to stop operating immediately as the membership fell below half of the maximum permitted membership. Three members of the Community Council had resigned at the meeting held on the 26th February, leaving only one Community Councillor in position obliging the Community Council to stop operating on that date. The Community Council could not start to operate again until an interim election is called by the Highland Council. This would now not take place until the second half of 2020.

The meeting agreed that although there was no Community Council operating that an informal Maryburgh Community group could continue to meet monthly to inform the only Community Councillor, Fiona Ross of the wishes of the Maryburgh Community so that she could in turn notify the Highland Council.

Ian Fraser was then asked to summarise the drainage issues that had been highlighted during the Maryburgh Community Council meeting held on the 16th December 2019. These issues were originally written in the document “Maryburgh Greenspace – a matter that may be of concern” which is available for anyone in the community to download and read.

There was also an issue regarding pluvial flood risk. If the situation was reversed and the community was applying for planning permission to build the houses, the Highland Council Flood Management team would have requested a Flood Risk Assessment as part of the area is shown to flood on the SEPA flood map. Since it was the Highland Council who were applying for planning permission the Highland Council did not consider a Flood Risk Assessment was necessary.

The meeting was informed by Jenny Maclennan, that a developer had now been engaged by the Highland Council to start work on the new housing development on the Greenspace. The Highland Council had not revealed who the developer was. The plan is that the developer will arrange a public meeting with the community soon to discuss their proposals for the work.

The following concerns were raised regarding the construction phase of the development:

Maryburgh Amenities Car park will be used by the developer for works area to store their vehicles and materials. This would prevent the Maryburgh Gala taking place in June with the subsequent loss of revenue for the Amenities Centre.

A member of the meeting asked about road congestion with construction vehicles moving in and out of the village and between the Amenities Centre and development site. Has a plan for removing debris and soil or mud that may be left behind on the roads when contractors vehicles were moving within the village?      

Concerns were also raised regarding the safer routes to school. The route from houses at the northern end of the village crosses the former school grounds. This would be unavailable during the housing development.

The general opinion at the meeting was that the developer will need to resolve these issues including the drainage and potential flood risk before any work can begin.

The Highland Council had asked the community to select an appropriate name for the new street. After several inappropriate names were suggested, some members suggested the names of residents who had contributed to the village in the past, but had now passed on. The meeting agreed that due to the ill feeling within the village regarding this development it would not be appropriate to connect it with any of these former residents. 

The community had received information regarding the proposed car parking charges in the area. There is an internal online survey organised by the Highland Council and all members of the community are encouraged to let the council know their views. A pre-engagement notification has been sent out to all community councils in Highland, but since there is no authorised community council in Maryburgh it will be difficult to take part in this pre-engagement process. Please could residents make sure that everyone’s opinions are sent to The pre-engagement process will run from the 2nd March 2020 until the 30th March 2020.

Discussion took place about how everyone should be kept informed in the future.

The Maryburgh Roundabout will continue to be circulated as at present, but as this can only be produced a few times each year, quicker methods are also needed.

The existing Maryburgh Hub website will be used and residents should visit for the latest news of what’s happening.

The Facebook pages “Maryburgh Community” and   “Maryburgh Community Council”  will also keep residents up to date with activities.

Anyone who want’s to be added onto a Maryburgh Mailing List should contact

The meeting concluded, but decided the next open meeting for all residents in Maryburgh should be held on the Last Wednesday in March.

Please Note: No formal minutes were kept for this meeting. If anyone who attended the meeting feels that an important point was missed or that anything should be changed please contact