An opportunity has presented itself to help fund a project for members of the Maryburgh Youth group. Aviva Community Fund requested applications from communities for funding. An application has now been submitted on behalf of these teenagers and we have been informed this week the project has been approved for the Aviva competition to select projects to receive funding.

The Board of Directors were approached in March by a group of members of the Maryburgh Youth group. They asked if during the planning of the greenspace an area could be set aside and concreted over to form a practice area for skateboarding. This would avoid them being chased by adults in the village who objected to skateboarding in the road or footpaths. The Board felt this was a reasonable request and approved the proposal. The skateboarding group have since produced a short video to explain their needs.

We now need as many people as possible to go to the Aviva Community Fund website and vote for this project to receive funding. The voting period is between 1st May and 30th May so please support our local skateboarders by voting for this project.

You can share this link with as many friends, family and community supporters as possible to secure their votes.

Remember – the more support our project gets, the better our chances of securing funding. And everyone you tell can cast 10 votes.

Please click to VOTE for the Maryburgh Skateboard Project