Hi Everyone

Any member of the MAC with a “legacy” email account from mobile and broadband provider Orange (now part of EE) needs to move to an alternative email address as the service has shut down.

I have had several e-Bulletins bounced back because they were sent out to one of the following email service providers.

  • Orange.net
  • Orangehome.co.uk
  • Wanadoo.co.uk
  • Freeserve.co.uk
  • Fsbusiness.co.uk
  • Fslife.co.uk
  • Fsmail.net
  • Fsworld.co.uk
  • Fsnet.co.uk

Please, if you are a member of the MAC and your email address has been changed but you want to receive future editions of the e-bulletin could you please send me a note of your new email address so I can update the company database.

Further details regarding the shutdown of the Orange service are available be following the link below.