The concrete path around the hall needs to be repaired. The worst sections will need to be completely broken out and be re-laid with concrete, others may just require repair.

It would be nice to get the concrete repairs done ahead of the 2017 Gala, which is on Saturday 17 June.

There is money available for buying the materials, but if we can save paying a contractor to do the concrete works, that money can be put to improving parts of hall itself.

If there is anyone who has:

  • the right equipment for helping out with this job, that would be great. Likely to require a stihl saw, breaker and a concrete mixer.
  • Anyone who could help out with the work itself, especially those with experience of laying concrete, that would also be great.
  • Any assistance on getting the concrete or suitable aggregate materials, please advise.

Also, the gravel to the front of the hall have largely become overgrown and lost to soil and weeds over time. If anyone has a rotary soil sieve/screen for separating the gravel from the weeds, so it can be re-laid over a weed barrier and topped up, please also get in touch.


Please reply to or post on the facebook page if you can help out on any of this.

Many thanks.