Please see the following link to the latest Funding Finder from ‘Scotland’s Towns Partnership’ for an overview of funding deadline’s approaching and newly added funds. Some of these funds have application deadlines approaching.  Funding Finder November 2018

Some of the grants and funding on the linked list may be applicable to groups and/or individuals within the local and wider community, so please share relevant information as appropriate.

Maryburgh Amenities Company may be able to benefit from some of these funds, so MAC would welcome assistance in identifying and progressing with funding applications from this list or elsewhere.

MAC have to raise match funding amounts by spring 2020 to release the £47,000 held by Highland Council to upgrade the Maryburgh Amenities Centre. If we cannot raise sufficient funds to match some or all of that total, then unmatched money will be applied elsewhere or absorbed into Council coffers as Highland Council see fit.