The Community Council and The Maryburgh Community Woodland Group are having a joint tidy up venture on the 4th November. They are looking for volunteers to do a tidy up in The Community Garden at the end Wrightfield Park if you have any tools for weeding or cutting back bushes bring them along. If you are at the garden for 10am we would be very appreciated of your help and we would look to be finished by 12.30pm.

The Maryburgh Community Woodland Group are looking to do a litter/bottles/cans/dog bag clean up on the 4th November. Tools required will be provided for volunteers and will give you a chance to speak with some of the Members on the Woodlands Group. If you walk up Birch Drive for 10am someone from the Group will be there to meet you. Your help would be appreciated and remember this is your Community Garden/Woodlands so let’s get together and tidy both up.