MINUTES 28th January 2015 7.30pm

Present: Jenny Maclennan, Tom Thomas, Eilidh Green, Liz Sinclair, Morris Colven, Andrew Matheson, Andrew Steel, Angus Christie, Cllr Mackinnon

Apologies: Jamie Dunsmore, Rhiannon Elder, Sergeant Eddie Mackenzie, Cllr MacLean, Cllr, Paterson and Cllr Mackenzie



Previous minutes – Amendment to item 6 Bicentennial Update. Report was incorrect. Siobhan and Ian Fraser have not updated the Maryburgh Heritage film; they have updated the format of the original film. Years from 2000 to 2015 would still need to be added.

Minutes approved and adopted by Morris and Andrew S

Matters arising

  • Potholes – Information has not been collated as yet. Minor repairs have been made around Dunglass area. Eilidh had reported the potholes that have appeared on Seaforth Place using the Highland Council online reporting system. This will create an email response, Cllr Mackinnon advised to also circulate the email to the local Cllrs.

Action Link to be made available on website and FB page.

  • Community Payback Services- Tom and Liz were happy to report that some of the work had taken place. The external doors to the Hall had received a first coat and a tidy up of the shrubbery at the Post Box. The work to finish the doors and tidy up the shrubbery area at Breac an Ord will hopefully be completed once the weather improves. The group was made aware of a scheme by New Start will may be a potential source of paint and brushes for this community project. The group thanked Tom and Liz for their efforts.

Action Tom and Liz will progress this.

  • Smiley faces speed signs. Cllr Mackinnon stated they had been acquired and they should be fitted soon. The group welcomed the news, this item led onto discussion regarding the concerns of the Safer Routes to School. The MCC had hoped to have Hugh Logan attend the meeting. At the time of the meeting no direct email response had been received to either email. Cllr Mackinnon advised the group that he had been in communication with Hugh and a safety audit of the route was due to commence.

Action Email Hugh Logan to extend the invite to the next CC meeting.

  • Grit bins. Bins that need replaced and filled had been identified and reported to the HC using the online system. Eilidh reported that a HC van had been out filling bins in the morning. This item led onto to a report received by Jenny from a concerned member of the community who had seen a car travelling down Dunglass Road towards the pitch and had been unable to stop and went onto the pitch. This is a popular area for children to go sledging. No reports of any near misses with any pedestrians at the time of the incident. The resident has been warning youngsters to not sledge near to the junction meantime. Anecdotal reports of similar incidents were discussed.

Action HC to be informed and a suggestion of a safety barrier put forward. Police to be contacted for advice. Warning put on the FB page. Cllr Mackinnon will also inform HC.

  • New computer for MCC. Unfortunately the funding isn’t applicable for MCC.

Action Morris has volunteered to look at the laptop to see if any improvements can       be made.


MAC Ltd. Update

Jenny updated the group

There is a delay with the transfer of the lease for the Amenities and football pitch .This is still with Highland Council’s legal department

The finalised accounts do not require to be audited in the first year but must be examined by an external individual uninvolved with company.

The Stage One lottery application is still in its draft stage.


Councillor news.

Next Community Forum meeting is the 29th Jan in Culbokie with Police, Fire and Planning representatives.

Ben Wyvis Primary audit.

Cllr Mackinnon reported that the internal audit is ongoing and should be completed by the end of February. He reported major faults with the biomass boilers. MCC are frustrated with the length of time is has taken to complete the audit. Cllr MacKinnon also feels strongly that the final cost of the build and the subsequent audit should have been completed much sooner. Extra costs to resolve the protracted snagging problems and biomass boiler repair costs should be included to reflect a true cost of the new school. Capital costs of the new build have still not been made available to MCC.

The Facilities Management scheme which replaced janitors has recorded a £430,000 deficit. The scheme is not being rolled out to other areas until further discussions take place within the Highland Council. Parents have reported problems with the Nursery gate being locked as no FM available to monitor it.

Near flooding reported at the school due to silt from nearby building site, sandbags had to be used. MCC to ask for the Ben Wyvis Parent Partnership to include us on their email list.

Question asked about what impact the free school meals P1-P3 was having on the canteen/community space. Cllr MacKinnon reported it was coping at present.

Cllr Mackinnon also spoke about the budget cuts to pre gritting of roads where less than 20 cars travel before a certain time. He urged the community to look at the Highland Council website and make comment.


Community Police Update

Jenny read the Community Police report out to the group. Operation Route continues to be carried out, this monitors speeding and antisocial behaviour.



November Balance £896.37

January Balance £836.67

No outstanding payments

BT bill due soon.



Andrew reported that there was a large amount of litter from the Maryburgh Roundabout north along the A835.

Action Bear Scotland to be informed.

It was brought to MCC’s notice that the path along Dunglass Road from the entrance of Stuarthill Drive had been tidied up by Tom, Liz and other local residents. The Group asked Tom and Liz to extend thanks to the other volunteers.


Date of next meeting 25th February