Until recent years Maryburgh had developed into a vibrant community not least due to institutions such as the Maryburgh School and post office. Recently both these valuable resources to any community have been lost despite the best efforts of individuals in the village to save them. Only the Cottage Bar, Church and Amenities Centre now remain as a hub for the community and the Amenities Centre is desperately in need of renovation.

We therefore hope that residents will be encouraged to hear that a new period of exciting development is taking place in Maryburgh. After successfully gaining approval last year from the Highland Council to develop a detailed business plan for a community asset transfer of the land and old school building, the Maryburgh Futures Group (MFG) has been busy working towards the next stage of this project.

The MFG have been occupied since February to obtain sufficient funding from various sources to finance a stage 1 lottery application and lottery development funding. In order to be successful in achieving funding the MFG with the assistance of our Business Management Consultant, Sandy Anderson put out tenders to local architects to quote for preparing the design and costing for the initial stage.

At the beginning of April the tendering process had identified two companies that could advance our plans. Both companies were invited for interviews with the MFG and after considering both companies the MFG recommended HRI Architects Ltd. to the Maryburgh Amenities Company Board for approval. It is hoped that all the funding for the next stage in the process will be in place by the end of May and HRI Architects can then be formally appointed to develop our plans and costing estimates for the initial design of the project.

Once the initial design begins the MFG will try to keep everyone in the village informed by leaflets, meetings and the Roundabout of the development of this encouraging and exciting project.

If you want to get involved in the work of MFG please contact us.